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Queen Divine is the brainchild of a perfect mother-daughter-cousin team to redefine how women embrace and flaunt their hair. For ages, we have believed that a woman’s hair defines her. However, we’ve had challenges finding the right products ideal for the “hair of the day.” See, we are daring when it comes to hair and styling, but getting the suitable hair care treatment to fit with the intended look became a hassle. We often had to rely on several products from different companies – making the whole hair affair difficult, confusing, and time-consuming. Hence, Queen Divine makes hair routines uncomplicated and straightforward but leaves the hair nourished and healthy. We are about women using their hair and expressing themselves as they want. We focus on Women of Color. Recognize their ability to wear their crown in various ways while looking good and standing out. Whether textured, straight, extensions and every design in between, we have products that leave you and your hair feeling your best. At Queen Divine, we use organic ingredients in our products to achieve the desired results. We use the best ingredients in our products because your hair only deserves the best. We believe in healthier alternatives for people looking for natural cosmetic products at affordable pricing. Products that give your hair the hydration it needs to keep it soft and moisturized with a shine, to products that soothe your scalp and rejuvenate your hair. Queen Divine products are perfect for you, your hair, your pockets, and the environment!

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