Queen’s Guard Leave-In Conditioner
Get your hair back to being nourished and manageable with our Queen’s Guard Leave-In Conditioner that targets strands to start your hair's rebuilding process. Restore the hair follicle after any type of damage without weighing the hair down or creating...
$18.75 $16.75
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Satin Silk Conditioner
Feed your hair with the natural and stimulating ingredients it deserves. Our Refreshing Satin Silk Conditioner renews your hair while bringing back moisture retention and strength. Nourish strands with a unique blend of Lavender and Peppermint ingredients that leave your...
$26.50 $24.50
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Satin Silk Shampoo
Revitalize your roots and invigorate your scalp to feel satin smooth after your wash. Our Satin Silk Shampoo provides an ultra-clean cleanse for all hair types. Penetrating deeply into the scalp, the properties of tea tree oil help to purify...
$21.75 $19.75
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Iron Armor FlatIron Mist
Feed your hair with the nutrients it needs to protect against thermal damage with our Iron Armor FlatIron Mist. Designed for a seamless glide with every iron pass, this mist adds shine and strength with Jojoba, Safflower & Vitamin E...
$16.75 $14.75
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Royal Shield BlowDry Mist
Manipulate your hair with the protection you need to prevent damage. Our thermal spray acts as a layer of armor for your hair to withstand the heat from any hot styling tools. While coating your stands, this product also restores...
$16.50 $14.50
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Reveal and Relinquish Detangler
Work seamlessly through your hair and give it the nourishment it needs with the infusion of ProVitamin B5, Amino Acids, and Botanical Extracts. Giving your hair slippage to make knots and tangles much less of a challenge, this detangler works...
$18.50 $16.50
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Diamond Gloss Texture Paste
With a unique blend of Coconut and Argan oils, Diamond Gloss Texture Paste is formulated to support texture definition and hold. Get maximum control without the harsh ingredients, flaky crust look, or tacky residue, and leave your hair with a...
$12.05 $10.05
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Silver Touch Conditioner
Take hydration to the next level with our Moroccan Oil infused Conditioner. With enough moisture to last you to the next wash day, you'll be naturally protected from elements of heat or styling products. Enriched with a blend of proteins...
$25.50 $23.50
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Silver Touch Shampoo
Restore the shine and strength back in your hair, leaving it cleansed and easy to manage. Our Silver Touch Shampoo protects hair from the everyday stresses of split ends, frizz, and buildup while promoting optimal hair growth. This sulfate-free shampoo...
$20.75 $18.75
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